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The Zen of Washing Dishes

Washing dishes: What is it good for?I have been sitting on this essay1 for almost a week. What I want to write about is how I have found washing dishes to be a therapeutic experience, and how much I’ve missed it. However, at face value, this idea may not make a lot of sense, so I’ll start with a bit of Background. Two (plus one) Pakistanis Fly Into ToledoI was born in Pakistan, and I was raised there.

The Galaxy Platform: Bioinformatics for the Masses

IntroductionIf there is one thing Bioinformatics scientists are good at, it’s tool development. Of particular note are the scientists of the Computers Science and Biostatistics persuasion. This would be a great thing, if it were not for the fact that we are notoriously militant about our work styles, tool design and language choice. On top of this, we have the issue of the already fragmented state of the language ecosystems, particularly the two most popular languages in Bioinformatics: Python and R.

The Weeping Angels

It’s no secret for the people around me that I am a big fan of the BBC show Doctor Who. How I got into it and how it slowly took over my life is something left for a different time. Today though, I want to talk about a stray thought that I had that I could only really see by drawing a contrast with a monster1 from the show. The monster in question here are the Weeping Angels.

When we're all driving Rolls-Royce's...

Recently, in a meeting with our collaborators, I was asked to provide my professional opinion on some code that they had shared with us. I had reviewed that code already and my first impression of it was that it was a bit inefficient and confusing. At that point, I could have gone into the details of who the code was inefficient in parts, or how it had variables with non-descriptive names, or how it was not very well commented.

Direction For This Blog

A new direction for my blogHello, dear readers. It has been a while since I last created a post, and I wanted to take a moment to explain why and share my plans for the future. Life HappensMy absence has a lot of reasons, not the least of which are my commitments to my family and my ongoing PhD studies. Balancing these responsibilities with writing can be challenging, and I appreciate your understanding.

Thoughts on Moana and Fatherhood

Moana is a 2016 Disney movie that tells the story of the eponymous character and her journey of self-discovery. Being A Disney movie, and specifically a post-Frozen Disney movie, it is not surprising that the movie has a strong female protagonist. The other strength of this movie is of course, the fantastic soundtrack scored by Lin-Manuel Miranda. However, I’m not here to review the entire movie. That has been done over and over and over again by scores of people, from amateurs to professionals.